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ZephIR Lidar possess unparalleled experience with the use of remote wind sensing for wind energy applications. We pioneered the use of lidar in the wind industry with our fully validated and financeable ZephIR technology. We provide qualified expert advice on the use of lidar in wind sensing data collection, and advise on best-practice in campaign design, deployment and data collection.

ZephIR Lidar owns and operates the UK’s first IEC compliant Remote Sensing dedicated Test Site. A 90 meter met mast enables correlation reports to be made against ground based devices to provide traceability back to traditional anemometry. The site is open to all remote wind sensing manufacturers, developers, consultancies, research organisations and turbine manufacturers alike. Using Lidars & Sodars with an agreed traceable validation methodology is not only advantageous to the development of the technologies, but the ‘good practice’ proves beneficial to wind farm developers.

The UK Remote Sensing Test Site (Pershore, UK) comprises a met mast equipped with state of the art instrumentation mounted across a total of seven heights including calibrated Vector 100L cups based at 20m, 45m, 70m and 91m, a pressure sensor logger at 6m, a 3D sonic anemometer, temperature sensors mounted at 44m and 88m and direction vanes at 44m and 88m.

All ZephIR Lidar products are subject to an industry approved acceptance process which includes a period of correlations at this UK test site. Systems can be provided with a full verification certificate showing the performance of the unit is within an acceptable standard for use in finance-grade wind resource assessments. This certificate can be provided by ZephIR Lidar or DNV GL.

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