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The industry’s highest level of wind lidar support, as standard.

3 years warranty and support, 3 year service interval.

That is now the standard support package offered on all new ZephIR 300 wind lidar’s onshore and is the industry’s highest level of support available for wind lidars – ZephIR Care™.

ZephIR Care answers the need for truly autonomous provision of wind data and allows users to operate ZephIR 300 in the field for unbroken measurement campaigns of 3 years particularly suitable in applications where the sensor must remain in place for long-term campaigns such as during an Annual Energy Prediction or when installed in remote onshore locations. In these campaigns either a break in data or the economic viability of recovering a sensor demands the highest levels of reliability and support, now delivered by ZephIR Lidar.

As standard, ZephIR Care offers users:

How? This support offering is as unique as the continuous wave laser technology inside ZephIR, and continuous wave = continuous operation.

Our robustly engineered lidars built on our unique, stable, proven and mature continuous wave laser technology are designed to match the environments in which they operate. ZephIR 300 does not require servicing for three years and there is no need to re-calibrate during this period.

True autonomous operation with the operational evidence to demonstrate it, giving you the lowest cost of wind lidar ownership available.

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