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PerformanceZephIR 300
Range (min.)
Range (max.)
10 metres
200 metres
Probe length @ 10 m
Probe length @ 100 m
± 0.07 metres
± 7.70 metres
Heights measured10 (user-configurable)
Sampling rate50Hz
Averaging perioduser configurable
(1 second as standard)
Scanning cone angle30° (other angles available)
Speed accuracy variation*< 0.5%
Speed range< 1 m/s to 70 m/s
Direction accuracy variation*< 0.5°
Data HeadingUnitExplanation
Reference-Numerical reference of each record
Time and date- In text format, to the nearest second
TimestampSecondsTime and date of the reading as numerical value in seconds
Horizontal wind speedMetres per secondHorizontal wind speed measured by ZephIR
Vertical wind speedMetres per secondVertical wind speed measured by ZephIR
Horizontal wind directionDegreesHorizontal wind direction measured by ZephIR
Horizontal min / maxMetres per secondMinimum / maximum horizontal wind speeds measured by ZephIR
TI-Turbulence Intensity
GeneratorVoltsExternal supply voltage, if present
Upper temp / lower tempDegrees CelsiusPod temperature
Pod humidityPercentInternal ZephIR humidity
GPS location (lat and long)
ZephIR bearingDegreesDirection of the ZephIR wrt True North
TiltDegreesPitch and roll away from vertical
Air Temp.Degrees CelsiusAmbient temperature
PressureMillibar / HectopascalsAmbient pressure
HumidityPercentAmbient humidity
MET wind speedMetres per secondHorizontal wind speed measured by the MET station
MET directionDegreesWind direction measurement by the MET station
Raining-Rain sensor detects rain
DataZephIR 300
10 minute averaging90Kb / day
1 second data3MB / day
On board storage36 months
Data transferLAN; MODBUS; WiFi; Global SIM; Iridium Sat Comms
Timestamp / LocationGPS
SafetyZephIR 300
Laser classificationClass 1
Eye safety standardIEC 60825-1
IP RatingIP67
ComplianceFull CE accreditation

* As measured against a calibrated moving target.
** In off-grid, DC power situations, excluding any convertor losses and in standard climates. Always refer to manufacturers guidelines on power before specifying 3rd party power solutions. Alternatively use the ZephIR POWER Support Package.

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