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Your ZephIR is complemented by a complete set of ZephIR Support Packages designed to make wind data collection as simple as pushing a button – working with you to understand your project, we can define a bespoke set of Support Packages to meet your needs.

ZephIR Support Packages have been created with more than a decade of practical lidar experience and help to cover your wind energy project from establishing a reliable power solution to your ZephIR in off-grid reactions, to providing on-site performance checks with low-cost, low-height met masts.



ZephIR Secure™

Protection and Peace of Mind

We provide a range of security solutions tailored to the variables of each location. Very simple strategies of static fencing may be applicable in remote areas whereas in more populated deployment sites we can provide trailorised solutions keeping your asset, ZephIR 300, and more importantly your data safe and secure.

ZephIR 300 features both GPS technology and geo-fencing ability so it will be able to communicate with you in the case of an unscheduled movement on or off site.

Secure ensures protection for your equipment and valuable data and delivers you with the peace of mind that you can complete your deployment without problems.


ZephIR Power™

Remote Area Power Supply

We provide a low-cost, stand-alone power system (SAPS or SPS), also known as remote area power supply (RAPS) designed specifically for the wind industry’s continuing adoption of remote sensing.

‘ZephIR Power’ is a fully modular off-grid power supply which can be set up for the most arduous of deployments. The system uses a combination of a methanol fuel cell with 220Ahr batteries. The modular concept allows you to a add a wind turbine of up to 450W and solar PV micro panels together with an optional battery extension pack to maximise the renewable inputs. With extended complete autonomy of up to 12 months and a specified operating temperature range of -40°C to +50°C, ZephIR Power is of optimal design for the remote conditions often encountered by remote sensors such as the ZephIR 300 wind lidar.

With just a small number of visits to site required annually and a capital investment from just £12,000 we are confidence that ZephIR Power answers many of our customer’s needs alongside the bankable wind lidar that we already provide. ZephIR Power is a modular concept allowing for customisation relating to deployment and project conditions. Each system is also provided with the same support as a ZephIR 300 – a comprehensive training and deployment program from ZephIR Lidar or in country reps, backed up by a 3 year warranty in the field.

We also provide an extended range of power solutions for the range of scenarios encountered by our customers, with a track record of successful deployments in varying territories, environmental conditions and accessibility restrictions including LPG and diesel generators.

ZephIR Power

Power ensures the highest possible system availability for your ZephIR solution in off-grid locations where the power supply is a fundamental requirement of secure autonomous operation.


ZephIR Connect™

Global Communications Solutions

We provide communications solutions for the range of scenarios encountered by our customers with a track record of successful deployments in varying territories and communications-restricted locations. Our Connect package caters for satellite communications, local mobile / cell phone networks through to more bespoke options.

ZephIR is fitted with an internal GlobalSIM as standard that provides improved connectivity across a wide range of mobile / cell networks and data is emailed daily, removing the need to “dial in”. Users are able to check on the operational status of their ZephIR, execute remote operations and alter system settings, further removing the need for site visits. For sites where no mobile signal exists, an external Iridium satellite modem can be provided that allows for true remote communications anywhere in the world.

Connect ensures highest possible uptime for connection to your ZephIR so your collected wind data is always transmitted safely and securely.


ZephIR Dynamics™

Wind flow in complex terrain, with lidar

In complex onshore sites, all wind lidar measurements can become biased by terrain-induced flow distortions. Rather than deliver a ‘black box’ solution to resolve this bias, we provide an easy to use, proven, transparent tool based on sound scientific principles used widely across the industry through techniques such as Computational Fluid Dynamics. Dynamics allows data from ZephIR in complex terrain to be obtained seamlessly with converted data being provided either automatically or manually. Conversion factors applied are clearly shown allowing for further wind analysis whilst also providing a clear audit trail for project financing and / or due diligence.

For more information download the Dynamics brochure here.


ZephIR Validate™

90m mast and on-site 10m mast validations

All ZephIR systems are offered with a Performance Verification certificate demonstrating that the performance is equivalent to or greater than a Class 1 cup anemometer specification. All comparisons are undertaken at the IEC compliant UK Remote Sensing Test Site comprising a 90 metre tall met mast constructed to conform fully with the recommendations for mast anemometry in IEC 61400-12-1, designed and specified by Natural Power and approved for use by DNV GL (formerly GL Garrad Hassan). Validations can be provided by ourselves or independently by Banks Engineers including Natural Power and DNV GL.

ZephIR can measure as low as 10m and therefore can be compared to a very short mast. Should the design of the measurement campaign require the in-situ verification of the ZephIR’s measurements then a very low temporary mast can be used. This low measurement height can also allow the use of a low mast as the long-term fixed reference point on a site, with the ZephIR returning to the mast periodically and then roaming reducing uncertainties around the site and at height above the mast.

VALIDATE provides the necessary traceability back to undisputed and accepted reference measurements forming a key element of ZephIR data being accepted in finance-grade wind analysis campaigns


ZephIR Expert™

Consultancy services for campaign design

Benefit from 20 years of wind engineering experience within our sizeable technical services team. We can provide assistance with every element of your wind lidar data campaign, from initial design and methodology, through to equipment provision, deployment, ongoing support, and data management and analysis. Our many experts can help optimise your data collection, management and reporting, ensuring an effective and validated campaign. Using our in-house suite of wind lidar data tools developed through over 750 deployments, our science and engineering experts can provide in-depth assistance on the full range of simple, complex, and offshore site locations.

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