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Below is our ZephIR Quick start guide for your convenience.

ZephIR Installation from Natural Power on Vimeo.


 Quick Start Instructions



1 | Site

ZephIR is used across a range of sites both onshore and offshore. When assessing the best location to install your system consider access, power, communications and security. Our Support Packages are design to assist in all areas.


2 | Level

Once on site, ZephIR can be easily levelled due to its tripod configuration. Quick-release handles with security fittings ensure both a rapid and secure deployment. Additional holes in each wide-spread foot allow for pins through to the ground, and a sure footing in all terrains.

Simply orientate ZephIR to North and you are ready to power-up.


3 | On

Easily attach any of ZephIR’s core or ancillary equipment using the Amphe-Lite™ IP67 connectors which provide the highest levels of performance capability for severe environment applications across signal, power and RF communications.

Push the ON | OFF button and ZephIR will power-up and begin recording wind data.


4 | Collecting data

ZephIR will now begin recording your wind data to the on board memory – there is capacity for up to 36 months worth of data.

Connecting either remotely or locally, wind data can be downloaded or emailed to you directly.



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