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Classification of ZephIR 300 Lidar at the UK Remote Sensor Test Site
J Medley (2014)
Two ground-based ZephIR 300 lidars have been classified at the UK Remote Sensor Test Site at Pershore according to the procedure described in Annex L of the IEC draft guidelines. The mean accuracy classes for these units cover the ranges 3.0% – 3.8% for heights between 20 m and 91 m, after accounting for correlations between the environmental parameters. These values correspond to mean standard uncertainties of 1.7% – 2.2%.

Correlation effects in the field classification of ground-based remote wind sensors
W Barker et al, EWEA (2014)
Analysis has been carried out on data from ZephIR 300 units deployed at the Pershore test site, in accordance with the classification scheme for remote wind sensing devices proposed in the latest IEC guidelines.


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