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ZephIR 300 now costs as little as an IEC compliant 80 metre met mast

We have worked hard to deliver an affordable product to the market so now, over a 3 year measurement campaign, taking in to consideration all elements of measurement sensors including initial validation, transportation, installation and any recommended service & maintenance our through-life cost of ownership is lower than ever before. For as little as the cost of an IEC compliant 80 metre met mast over a 3 year period, ZephIR 300 delivers hub-height measurements on site within minutes of deployment without the need for permanent planning / siting application.

In addition, ZephIR 300 operates as a DNV GL Stage 3 / finance-grade remote sensing device in benign terrain onshore, and provides equivalent accuracy to a met mast offshore. This delivers you hub height measurements up to and including 200 metres above ground which has been shown to provide a 3.2% reduction in energy yield uncertainty compared to a non-hub height mast.

All of this is backed up with the industry’s highest level of infield lidar support – ZephIR Care – delivering 3 years warranty, 3 year service interval, no re-calibration required and courtesy lidar cover if required.


ZephIR wind lidars are available for ownership in a range of options:

– Purchase directly from ZephIR Lidar

– Purchase through Trusted Service Providers

– Short-term rental and long-term rental from both ZephIR Lidar and Trusted Service Providers

A global business, with experience of working with all types of organisations, we are flexible in our approach to helping you achieve the most suitable, affordable form of ZephIR wind lidar ownership.

For all queries regarding ownership, please email sales@zephirlidar.com


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Since 1974 Campbell Scientific Inc. has created a substantial heritage of introducing new data acquisition systems and the company is committed to satisfying the instrumentation needs of customers, especially those who are working to advance science and technology for the benefit of humankind.

Campbell Scientific selects ZephIR wind lidar technology for US wind market

Campbell Scientific Inc. (CSI), with more than 35 years of world-class measurement equipment experience, has today announced the selection of wind lidar system ZephIR 300 as the company’s remote wind sensing solution for providing the US wind energy market with accurate wind data across all stages of a wind farm development project.

CSI shall now partner with Zephir Ltd. to act as an Authorised Distributor for the ZephIR 300 system in North America. Campbell Scientific data acquisition systems are used worldwide in the wind energy industry and are known for their versatility, precision, and dependability – even in harsh, remote environments. As measurement technologies continue to evolve and progress, CSI has chosen to offer the ZephIR 300 Lidar as its remote wind sensing solution for wind energy applications.

Visit Campbell Scientific Inc. to request a call back from CSI.

ZephIR 300 and Campbell Scientific Dataloggers

Campbell Scientic Dataloggers, including the CR800, CR850, CR1000, or CR3000 can be used to integrate and synchronise ZephIR 300 lidar data with data from other instruments, such as instrumentation from a traditional meteorological tower.

Using a Campbell Scientic datalogger to gather data from the ZephIR 300 also enables integrated tower and lidar data collection through a single gateway via an external cell phone modem, radio, or direct connection. Campbell Scientic dataloggers support multiple protocols such as Modbus, Pakbus, and DNP3, giving users the maximum in flexibility and customization of data retrieval methods.



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