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ZephIR DM is a Dual Mode variation of the successful 300 remote wind measurement system.

The ZephIR DM turbine mounted wind lidar measures wind characteristics in front of or behind a turbine from just 10 metres (33 feet) out to 300 metres (984 feet) situated inside the spinner or on top of the nacelle, during the operation of wind farms onshore and offshore (this is limited to 200m (656 feet) when in ground based vertical mode).

ZephIR DM (Dual Mode) wind lidar is mounted in the spinner / on the nacelle or hub of a wind turbine generator in horizontal mode or immediately in front of the wind turbine generator in vertical mode for yaw misalignment, turbine calibrations, End of Warranty inspections, power curve measurements (absolute and relative), R&D projects and full turbine control.

ZephIR DM is supported by a range of Support Packages to make wind data collection both simple and user-friendly.

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