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"“The National Taiwan University is undertaking significant research into weather patterns in the Taipei Basin .... [with]... this incredible, flexible wind lidar tool – ZephIR 300. We can take reference wind measurements up to two hundred metres above our test centre at the National Taiwan University and correlate other measurements systems to it to improve the accuracy of our weather forecasting models – something of importance to all of Taiwan.”"

National Taiwan University

"“With ZephIR Lidars our crane lifting of wind turbine towers and rotors can now be planned and performed in the safest most efficient method possible. The ZephIR Lidars are easily mobilised from site to site in trailers and provide an instant view of the wind across and above the ranges we lift components at. RPM see Lidars as a key way of promoting Safety First within wind farm construction.”"

REG Power Management

"“Meteorological masts are frequently a neglected, or under-utilised, asset on operational wind farms. By deploying a ZephIR 300 wind lidar, we are able to offer the most sophisticated wind assessment and monitoring system available to our customers, providing a cost effective alternative for asset owners who would otherwise be forced to temporarily decommission the mast, or send engineers up the structure itself.”"


"“ZephIR DM allows for small changes in the turbine performance to be detected ... the full rotor measurement allowed us to isolate changes in [turbine] performance. ZephIR DM measurements give a real insight into turbine Annual Energy Production and are invaluable in informing maintenance strategies.”"


"“The ZephIR 300 allows us to use onsite data to optimise the windfarm layout prior planning submission without the need of metmasts, avoiding the planning implications around that in the early project stages. For our full anemometry campaign the Zephir 300 has extended the life of our existing fleet of metmasts, which are too short for a post ROC higher hub height world. EnergieKontor has evaluated multiple methods and other similar products available to achieve the best return on our investment and has selected ZephIR 300 wind lidar. The ZephIR 300 is proven to add significant percentage improvements on the accuracy of our wind estimations, in addition to its mobility on and around sites, ease of installation and safety improvements over conventional anemometry with no requirement for working at height as well as a great service team based in the UK.”"

Energie Kontor

"“ZephIR Lidar has supported us extensively through identifying the best possible application of their unique circular scanning lidar technology to our new [wind turbine] concept design, giving us an innovative edge that just isn’t possible through traditional techniques or other technologies.” ZephIR Lidar - an approved Vestas Lidar supplier"


""With lidar-based wind measurements, taken with the ZephIR DM wind lidar, we are able to offer customers a new completely independent power performance test and optimisation for their wind turbines. ZephIR DM is the only lidar capable of full rotor diameter wind measurements, delivering a power curve measurement equivalent to current and future IEC guidelines.""

BBB Umwelttechnik

""Infinis deploys ZephIR DMs during the first years of operation on all new sites to confirm individual turbine power curves, check turbine alignment and work with turbine suppliers to review and optimise any curtailment strategies in line with measured real world data.  In these coming years we will deploy ZephIRs to build a clear picture of wind flow and turbine performance across all our assets as we strive for optimal operational performance.""

Infinis – Turbine Mounted

"In replacing a fixed met mast ZephIR Lidar will gather a greater range of relevant wind data for use by our engineers in site performance analysis and production forecasting, providing wind speed and direction readings up to and beyond the height range of a traditional mast.  We can achieve this from ground level, reducing visual impact while increasing operational safety and efficiency with no need to climb, maintain, inspect or periodically re-instrument an 80m mast over an operating life 20-25 years.  In these coming years we will deploy ZephIRs to build a clear picture of wind flow and turbine performance across all our assets as we strive for optimal operational performance."


""Mainstream Renewable Power has operated a large number of Zephir units for three years. These units have been deployed in the UK, Ireland, Chile, West Africa and South Africa. We have found their performance to be excellent in climates ranging from the Atacama Desert to very humid West African conditions. They have high recovery rates in stable atmospheric conditions and at heights well in excess of 100 m. Zephir's customer service is excellent and they are very accessible. They are technically competent and address any concerns or issues very quickly. We have no hesitation in recommending Zephir LIDAR units.""

Mainstream – IPP offshore