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""With lidar-based wind measurements, taken with the ZephIR DM wind lidar, we are able to offer customers a new completely independent power performance test and optimisation for their wind turbines. ZephIR DM is the only lidar capable of full rotor diameter wind measurements, delivering a power curve measurement equivalent to current and future IEC guidelines.""

BBB Umwelttechnik

""Infinis deploys ZephIR DMs during the first years of operation on all new sites to confirm individual turbine power curves, check turbine alignment and work with turbine suppliers to review and optimise any curtailment strategies in line with measured real world data.  In these coming years we will deploy ZephIRs to build a clear picture of wind flow and turbine performance across all our assets as we strive for optimal operational performance.""

Infinis – Turbine Mounted

"In replacing a fixed met mast ZephIR Lidar will gather a greater range of relevant wind data for use by our engineers in site performance analysis and production forecasting, providing wind speed and direction readings up to and beyond the height range of a traditional mast.  We can achieve this from ground level, reducing visual impact while increasing operational safety and efficiency with no need to climb, maintain, inspect or periodically re-instrument an 80m mast over an operating life 20-25 years.  In these coming years we will deploy ZephIRs to build a clear picture of wind flow and turbine performance across all our assets as we strive for optimal operational performance."


""Mainstream Renewable Power has operated a large number of Zephir units for three years. These units have been deployed in the UK, Ireland, Chile, West Africa and South Africa. We have found their performance to be excellent in climates ranging from the Atacama Desert to very humid West African conditions. They have high recovery rates in stable atmospheric conditions and at heights well in excess of 100 m. Zephir's customer service is excellent and they are very accessible. They are technically competent and address any concerns or issues very quickly. We have no hesitation in recommending Zephir LIDAR units.""

Mainstream – IPP offshore

""EDF ER has deployed ground based lidar ZephIR 300 in place of traditional mast anemometry. In this application ZephIR 300 provides a low visual impact, safer approach to wind resource assessment measuring higher, faster and to a greater level of wind detail than currently possible with meteorological towers.""

EDF Energy Renewables – Onshore

""EDF ER is using the ZephIR DM wind lidar to determine power curves from our 3 MW Vestas turbines more accurately than ever before. We have developed a standardised Power Curve routine, with ZephIR Lidar, moving from turbine to turbine to benchmark wind farm performance over the years to come. ZephIR is unique – the lidar provides wind data across the entire turbine and out to many rotor diameters in front of a wind turbine. There is no other way to achieve this and gives EDF ER the ability to actively manage our sites in this way. The methodology further allows both Asset Management and O&M teams to direct their focus on areas for optimisation in a faster, more focussed approach than using SCADA data alone.""

EDF Energy Renewables

""The short mast + ZephIR methodology was adopted by REG Windpower in 2009 when a strategic approach to wind monitoring across the companys portfolio of sites resulted in the purchase of a fleet of lidars to create bankable P90 Energy Yield Analysis reports. This work has been relied upon by the likes of Co-Op for refinancing exercises. ZephIR was deployed on site with a low-cost, short mast for just 6 months and delivered the data we needed to reach financial close. This approach allowed us to start monitoring quickly without the need of a tall mast – which themselves encounter significant planning issues now  and deliver bankable, finance-grade wind data to the Co-Op Bank to take the site forward in a timely, cost effective and safe manner. The wind speed recorded by the ZephIR deployed varied from the mast by just 0.9% during the correlation period which is far better than often found when comparing two cup anemometers.""

REG Windower

""We now have a flexible wind resource tool – E.ON and ZephIR worked closely together to test the data streaming interface onshore before shipping the lidar to the offshore substation. I am very pleased to say that the interface tested successfully first time and we are now keen to take this live data into our data systems in order to make big steps forward in both meteorological forecasting to enhance power production and operational planning for the site.""

EON Robyn Rigg

""The effective operation of our renewable energy generating assets such as the Lincs Wind Farm is key. The turbine-mounted ZephIR DM, allows us to accurately measure the performance of each turbine on Lincs, easily identifying areas for increased production through O&M strategies such as corrected yaw misalignment.""

Centrica Energy

""I have been - with all my colleagues at Risoe/DTU Wind Energy Department in the early 2000's - one of the first to test in real life the Zephir. The robustness of the data accuracy is more than proved, you can fulfill almost all the type of wind measurement you wish, but also an asset of Lidar, is the 2D-flexibility.... you are not bounded/blocked by geography. You want to install it here, you can... you want to move it 200m away, you can... The Lidar is the "USB plug and play" of vertical wind measurements.""

DTU Wind Energy