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The ZephIR Lidar team deliver world class, industry leading wind measurement systems and supporting services for onshore and offshore wind energy projects and turbine mounted applications. 

For a decade of experience and finance grade wind data, speak to the original wind lidar provider - ZephIR Lidar.

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7,589,195 hours

750+ deployments

ZephIR has accumulated over seven million hours operation in the field – the live tracker is shown above from units deployed around the world.

Support Packages

Your ZephIR is complemented by a complete set of ZephIR Support Packages designed to make wind data collection as simple as pushing a button - working with you, we can define a bespoke set of Support Packages to meet your needs... more



ZephIR 300 is accurate, reliable and affordable, adding value to your wind energy project at every stage.
ZephIR DM measures wind characteristics in front of or behind a turbine from just 10 metres (33 feet) out to 300 metres (984 feet) situated inside the spinner or on top of the nacelle.