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ZephIR Lidar - wind speed at light speed


We are ZephIR Lidar

ZephIR 300 (onshore lidar), ZephIR DM (turbine-mounted lidar) and ZephIR 300M (offshore fixed platform and floating lidar).

Accurate, accepted and more affordable than you may think – used for wind measurements within the wind energy industry, associated wind farm development, construction, energisation & operations and for other meteorological applications – either onshore or on platforms offshore, floating offshore or directly from turbines.

Manage your wind resource assessment risk and optimise your wind turbines by employing the single most validated remote sensor available that can be used to compliment or replace your existing sodar, lidar or met mast.

ZephIR Lidar delivers wind speed at light speed

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What our clients say...

The short mast + ZephIR methodology was adopted by REG Windpower in 2009 when a strategic approach to wind monitoring across the companys portfolio of sites resulted in the purchase of a fleet of lidars to create bankable P90 Energy Yield Analysis reports. This work has been relied upon by the likes of Co-Op for refinancing exercises. ZephIR was deployed on site with a low-cost, short mast for just 6 months and delivered the data we needed to reach financial close. This approach allowed us to start monitoring quickly without the need of a tall mast – which themselves encounter significant planning issues now  and deliver bankable, finance-grade wind data to the Co-Op Bank to take the site forward in a timely, cost effective and safe manner. The wind speed recorded by the ZephIR deployed varied from the mast by just 0.9% during the correlation period which is far better than often found when comparing two cup anemometers.

REG Windower