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ZephIR Lidar - wind speed at light speed


We are ZephIR Lidar

ZephIR 300 (onshore lidar), ZephIR DM (turbine-mounted lidar) and ZephIR 300M (offshore fixed platform and floating lidar).

Accurate, accepted and more affordable than you may think – used for wind measurements within the wind energy industry, associated wind farm development, construction, energisation & operations and for other meteorological applications – either onshore or on platforms offshore, floating offshore or directly from turbines.

Manage your wind resource assessment risk and optimise your wind turbines by employing the single most validated remote sensor available that can be used to compliment or replace your existing sodar, lidar or met mast.

ZephIR Lidar delivers wind speed at light speed

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What our clients say...

Since our first ZephIR 175 units purchased in 2009 and extending through to our current deployments of the ZephIR 300 units, we have found the ZephIR products to be robust, reliable and simple to maintain, whilst providing high availability and accurate data. In both onshore and offshore applications, our units have been utilised on operational wind farms for turbine performance analysis, development sites for hub height and cross-rotor wind assessment, as well as short term placements to reduce site condition uncertainty and for prospecting potential development sites. They have been a great asset to our wind measurement campaigns providing increased flexibility to our measurement projects.

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